About Christina’s Recipes

This site is a collection of recipes and food tips from Christina Hills.

About this Website:

This website is a spin off of my personal blog.  The recipe section was getting very large, and so I decided to split it off into it’s own website.  Here you will find a collection of my own recipes, my modified recipes, the recipes of her mother, and recipes from other family members.  Enjoy!

About Christina Hills

I am an online entrepreneur teaching people how to build their online businesses since 2004.  You can learn more about my trainings at https://christinahills.com

The Art of Cooking

My approach to cooking is that it’s an art form!  Not something you have to do to survive.  I love to take a recipe, follow it to the T the first time I make it, and then modify it to make it my own.   I also love taking supermarket products, and enhancing them to make them gourmet.  Look for those recipes

Life in the Kitchen

Growing up I loved hanging out in the kitchen with my mother.  She is such a great cook, and I love learning from her.  The kitchen is the most important room in the house, and it gives me a chance to take a break from my business and be creative!

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